Baking up add-ons & extensions exclusively for Blocs app for Mac.


Create private membership sites with user management for Blocs.

Demo of Members in Blocs


Who is the baker making these things?

Michael Frankland

I go by the name of Michael and have been making web stuff for over 10 years

Pulse CMS

I run Pulse CMS which is the easiest and most powerful CMS to integrate with Blocs

Believe in Blocs

I’m a keen advocate for Blocs app and even wear the tshirt and have stickers (for real).

Want to be useful

I want to make things that are useful and resonate with the Blocs app community.

What to expect

It’s early days but these are some of the add-ons to expect soon

Multi view Blocs Mac app commercial Mac application

Multi view Mac app commercial Mac application designed to synchronise testing for sites and web apps across multiple devices. With minimum setup it allows you to simultaneously sync: Clicks Navigation Scrolls Form input (e.g login forms, sign-up) This makes testing your site's end-to-end user experience on multiple devices very straightforward. Once you've opened your page in a browser on your devices, any changes to navigation (including refreshes) cause any other connected devices to refresh instantly. supports watching local directories, so this refresh also happens when you save edits to local files, keeping everything in sync always!

PayPal Blocs Mac app Shopping carts

PayPal Mac app Shopping carts allow online customers to browse items, make multiple selections, view shipping, taxes and other costs up front, and then pay for all items in a single payment. Shopping carts don't actually process payments, they simply consolidate all payment items into a single payment.

Private Membership Sites

Create private membership sites with user management for Blocs app. Project and Brics for Blocs app Membership sites, registration and logins, all without a database. See a demo version > Users can register, login, logout and change their password Muti users and multi passwords Fast, works with SSL pages and secure No database required - no installation needed - just upload and easy to transfer and move Delete users by easily deleting their name card off the server Personalised welcome message to users Translate all text strings Change password feature - create a “my account” page Hashed passwords with latest tech (salt and hash) so as secure as can be Lock multiple pages Just upload and go!


Lots of happy customers with kind words to share

Works fantastic

I made many sites with blocs in combination with Pulse. Works fantastic! When there is a change in the design, I simply do it, my client doesn't notice anything. See my client's blog site, it's updated frequent

by Sandy Nieuwenhof

Game changer

The integration on @pulse_cms into @blocsapp is going to be a game changer.

by user Bloc Apps Makers

Powerful add-on

To have local control over .txt files and explode your website into thousands of different parts and then link them with BlocksApp or native on Pulse is sheer genius.

by Daniel Halseth


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